Heath Hands works in close partnership with the City of London Corporation and English Heritage to deliver our various volunteer programmes across Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and the Kenwood Estate. Our programmes are designed to support staff on the ground and deliver successful outcomes in line with our partner's management plans.

From 2012 we supported the RSPB as they launched Wild about Hampsteaad Heath, formerly taking responsibility for delivering the from October 2015.  We continue to work closely with the RSPB on matters relating to Hampsted Heath and the WaHH project.

In 2014 the Cross Heath Strategic Partnership (CHSP) group formed comprising English Heritage, City of London, RSPB and Heath Hands. The group meets regulalry to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing between the organisations.

In November 2016 we formalised our relationship with the City of London by signing a partnership agreement.