Heath Hands was conceived in 1998 at a meeting of the Vale of Health Society and launched in 1999 through the tireless work of our founder Bobby de Joia, pictured bottom left, and other dedicated members of the local community. Our original trustee steering committee is pictured to the left. After securing the support of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath and the Chairman of the Hampstead Heath Management Committee, Heath Hands began work in January 1999 with a litter picking session. 

Heath Hands were originally administered from Bobby’s home, subsequently moving to Kenwood's West Lodge and then to our current home in the Kenwood Dairy. 

In 2015 Heath Hands took over responsibility for delivering Wild about Hampstead Heath, a volunteer led community engagement project launched by the RSPB in 2012. In 2016 Heath Hands conservation volunteers took a lead in maintaining Whitestone Garden and the Heath’s Education Garden on behalf of City of London.

In November 2016 we formalised our relationship with the City of London by signing a partnership agreement.

Today there are over 200 active volunteers delivering a range of different programmes.