The Wild Heath Stories project launched with the help of the RSPB to help share some of the amazing living history around Hamsptead Heath.

Discover some of the stories that make the Heath such a special and unique place by listening to the podcasts below.

The Heath: The safest place in London?

Listen to this episode about the ways in which the heath is kept and maintained as a safe place.

We hear from Richard Gentry, the constabulary manager about why Hampstead Heath is seen as one of the safest places in London.

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Myths of the Heath

In the penultimate episode we shall be hearing about the myths of the Heath.

The Heath is home to many urban myths and legends, such as the burial of Celtic Queen Boudica and the archaeological findings that may or may not prove the myth to be true.

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children examining insects on hampstead heath

The Heath’s Rookie Rangers

Tune in to hear about the Heath’s Rookie Rangers.

The Rookie Rangers wildlife group has been set up to teach children about the importance of the natural environment and it’s conservation on the Heath, as well as survival and monitoring skills that they wouldn’t otherwise learn in school. In today’s episode we hear from some of the volunteers who help to run the Rookie Rangers.

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frog sitting on a stone at hampstead heath

Under the surface: Water wildlife

In the latest episode of Wild Heath Stories we will be hearing from Adrian Brooker an ecologist on the Heath.

Adrian will be telling us about the wildlife that live in the water systems of the Heath; from swans, to terrapins, from crayfish to algae.

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volunteers relaxing on hampstead heath

Wellbeing on Hampstead Heath

In this podcast we shall be hearing about the sporting activities and exercises of wellbeing that take place on the Heath.We’ll be hearing from Mathew Ackroyd who teaches Tai-chi on the Heath.

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abstract grass and flowers

Hampstead Heath in history

This second instalment of Wild Heath Stories focuses on the history of the Heath. The Heath which is considered a sight of metropolitan importance for nature conservation and home of cross country running in London, is not only a place of ecological importance but also of cultural importance, which we take a closer look at in this podcast.

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fox on hampstead heath

Wildlife during the day

In this first episode of Wild Heath Stories we take a look at the wildlife you can experience on the Heath. We talk to ecologist Adrian Brooker about grass snakes and why keeping the Heath as it is, is an ongoing and important process.

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abstract plants

Volunteering on Hampstead Heath

In the third episode we shall be hearing about what it’s like to be a volunteer on the Heath.

There are many dedicated volunteers who help to preserve and enhance the special character of Hampstead Heath. In today’s episode we hear from members from the Heath Hands organisation, who give back to the community by offering their skills in order to keep the Heath at it’s best.

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