Adopt a Wildlife Home

As part of our wider nature conservation programme, volunteers have been working to construct wildlife refuges for some of the Heath's iconic species. These homes are positioned at key locations across our open spaces and form an important part of our efforts to protect their survival.

If you'd like to support the conservation of Hampstead Heath's hedgehog, grass snake, beetle, bat and bird populations, you can now sponsor your favourite species' homes.

Select an individual wildlife home for yourself or as a gift from the list below, or click the green button above.

Your support funds the creation, maintenance and monitoring of these refuges for one year, as well as our broader conservation work to protect these species. In return, you will receive your adoption pack by email, including: 

  • An adoption certificate
  • An information sheet on the species you are helping conserve
  • A location map and photo of your refuge
  • Updates at the end of the year on how the species is doing on our green spaces